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Subcategory: Fee Dispute Resolution Procedure

LR - Post-Petition Fees Rule 3002-1 (AK)
Local Rule, 9th Circuit

SO - Conduit Mortgage Payments (Tucson, AZ)
Standing Order, 9th Circuit

LR - Proof of Claim or Interest (RI)
Local Rule, 1st Circuit

LR - Rule 3023-1(b)(ii)(N) (DE)
Local Rule, 3rd Circuit

MP - Chapter 13 Plan - Section 7-A (PA MD)
Model Plan Provision, 3rd Circuit, District: MD

LR - Notice of Final Cure (E.D. WA)
Local Rule, 9th Circuit, District: ED

SO - 09-2 Conduit Mortgage Payments (KS)
Standing Order, 10th Circuit

CO - In re Wilson (N.D. Ill.)
Court Opinion, 7th Circuit, District: ND

CO - In re Watson (D. Del.)
Court Opinion, 3rd Circuit

CO - In re Eddins (N.D. Miss.)
Court Opinion, 5th Circuit, District: ND

MP - MP - Chapter 13 Plan - Section 12 (M.D. TN)
Model Plan Provision, 6th Circuit, District: MD